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A multimedia writer's Home Page   I'm an italian writer for children (and with the last novel, not only). I write books, TV, and interactive media.

  After a long training period in theatre world, I started to write professionally in 1990 with RAI, as an author of children television (the TV program "Albero Azzurro"). Two years later I published my first book. In 1996 I created concept and screenplays for the CD-rom "NIRVANA X-Rom", an adventure game based upon Gabriele Salvatores' movie "Nirvana". From then on Inever stopped working as a multimedia writer, as well as a books or TV writer, always for children.

  Now I'm writing, for the third year, screenplays and other texts for the daily TV program for children "La Melevisione" (RaiTre).

  THIS HOME PAGE is a professional presentation, with biography and works on line, curriculums of several sizes to copy and paste for job purposes, photos to download with a clic.

  It's a bookshelf of books on line, and other writings, offered to everybody. And after that an author cannot say more: you just have to read.

  It's a tale, a theatre, a home: a place that collects works is fatally work itself. In a "Home Page" you have to compose themes in good order, for the ones who shall come in.